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Jefferson Child Care and Education Center

Expulsion Policy

Consistently Disruptive Behavior

The Center will make every effort to encourage appropriate and considerate behavior in individual children. Growing is difficult, and all children have setbacks, bad days and sometimes traumatic life experiences, which affect their behavior. Staff is provided with training and guidance in positive supervision as outlined in the program discipline policy.

Occasionally, when an individual child’s behavior proves to be consistently disruptive, and/or demands so much individual attention that supervision of the entire group is compromised, the following actions will be required:
1. Staff will document the child’s behavior and the staffs' actions to modify the
2. Parents will be provided with a written notification requesting a conference
    with the parent(s), the child and the staff to address the problem;
3. Staff will implement a plan mutually agreed upon with the parent(s) and the
    child to modify the child’s behavior;
4. A second conference will be arranged to provide positive feedback for further
    planning, if necessary;
5. If all attempts, as outlined above, result in little or no change in the child’s
    behavior, the Center reserves the right to suspend child care services to the
    family for a period of one week. At this time, parents will be required to pay
    tuition in order to reserve the child’s space in the program;
6. If upon returning to the program, the child’s behavior continues, the Center
    reserves the right to terminate the child’s enrollment with one week’s notice
    to the parent(s);

If a child’s behavior results in causing purposeful physical harm to others, the
Center reserves the right to immediately terminate the child’s enrollment.

Parent(s) may grieve any action taken by the Center, in writing, to the Executive Director.
If the Executive Director’s written response proves unsatisfactory to the parent(s), a grievance may be submitted, in writing, to the Board of Trustees to be addressed at the next scheduled Board Meeting.