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Jefferson Child Care and Education Center

What You As A Parent Can Do

There are many ways in which you and the staff can interact to make your child’s time in the program as good as it can be:

  • Staff members are happy to discuss your child and his/her participation in the program at any time.
  • Keep us informed about any major changes in your household which may impact on your child’s behavior such as: moving, death or illness in the family, a new baby on the way, a separation or divorce. Extra love and attention may often help.
  • Stop in and visit any time the programs are in session. We usually have organized and informal activities going on that parents may enjoy. Join in the fun, the children enjoy your participation.
  • Encourage grandparents to visit and/or volunteer time. Often, they have valuable interests the children will enjoy.
  • Know that the Center Director and/or the Program Coordinator are available to discuss any concerns or questions at any time.