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Jefferson Child Care and Education Center

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions FAQs  
Who can pick up my child?
Is transportation available?
Do you have a playground?
Do the children nap in the preschool?
Do you serve meals?
What is the staff to child ratios?
What are the ages of the children you serve?
QWho can pick up my child?
AOnly those people designated by the parent is allowed to pick up your child. They MUST have identification with them. We ask that parents call ahead to inform with us if someone other than them self is scheduled to pick up the child.
QIs transportation available?

Transportation is provided by the public schools as a shuttle service between Cozy Lake School and White Rock School and between Drummond and Briggs.

We also contract with the Transportation Department for field trips for all programs.

QDo you have a playground?

The preschool has two shady areas for the children to play in. There are opportunities for climbing, sliding, riding tricycles, playing in the sandbox, and creative play.

The other programs have access to public School play areas.

QDo the children nap in the preschool?

It is a State requirement for children to rest, however, we do allow children to have books or other quiet toys if they are still awake after 30 minutes. 

JCCEC provides cots and sheets which we launder weekly or more if needed. Parents can bring in a small blanket, which is sent home to be washed. Children may also bring in a small stuffed toy to sleep with.

QDo you serve meals?

Yes. In the full day preschool program we serve breakfast lunch and snacks. They are prepared on site by our cook.

In the before and after kindergarten, before and after school and summer camp programs we serve breakfast and snacks.

We participate in the Child Care Food Program.

QWhat is the staff to child ratios?

Our ratios exceed the NJ office of Licensing standards. They are:

6wks-18mos old: 1:3
18mos-2 1/2 years old: 1:4
2-3 years old: 1:4
3-4 years old: 1:6
4-5 years old: 1:7
6-7 years old 1:10
7-12 years old: 1: 12

QWhat are the ages of the children you serve?
A6 weeks through 12 years